Five Nights at Freddy’s 3

Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 came out a year after the second part. It’s the sequel of the first part of the series. We play the events of 30 years after the closure of the famous Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. The rumours were so severe that a horror-park with the animatronics we’re already familiar with was created. The main antagonist of this game is the animatronic that was presented in the first game as Bonnie.

In fact, the events of the storyline begin right after the action in the first game. The creator of all animatronics of the FNAF series, William Afton, applied his invention to attract, decoy and kill little children.

That’s why these mechanisms became so monstrous. But this time, the spirits of five murdered children appeared, but not to play with him. They approached Afton too close and he was scared. He tried to escape, but chose the wrong way to do that: he decided to hide inside the Spring Bonnie. The game shows all this vibrantly, and the moment of his death too. He hoped to avoid the dreadful fate, and came right into these obstacles with his own invention.

The thing is that the springs inside this animatronic were very sensitive to the water influence, and in case of high humidity these caused the change of the mode from exoskeleton to animatronic instantly. Water has made its impact this time too.

So what consequences has this brought to the world? Why in particular the horror-park was created? What are the twists and turns of Afton’s murders? All these questions FNAF has for you. But will you play and reach a good ending while searching for answers…?