Five Nights at Freddy’s 2

Right after the release of the first part of FNAF, in november of 2014 the second part was released. It’s the prequel for the first part. There we can see the changes that were brought to the game.

The first thing you notice is that there’s no doors anymore. The entrance in the office is open and you’re sitting right opposite the wide hall. Two vents are available for being lightened a little. And any other movements of the animatronics you can observe with the help of the tablet which has the images from the cameras.

They are placed all over the place to help you stay oriented. You can prevent antagonists from penetrating the office by lighting the hall. There appears the new animatronic – The Puppet – which does not react to the light. His movements can be controlled by the music-box. Your task is to keep it playing. Are there any other new characters, like Springtrap, for example? Let’s see.

The game has many other things to be taken into consideration. In what moment you can use the Fredbear’s mask, if the presence (even if not long-lasting) of the animatronics in the office changes something or not, etc.

But one of the main questions is why all this is happening? The main information of the game, from helpful tips to key plot events, is fully told to you by the Phone Guy. He calls you all the time during the nighttime and tells you many interesting things to learn.

Thus, we learn that the new improved place has new animatronics. The novelty consists in that they are provided with the system of the face-identification. They have a base of bad guys in their electronic memory and if they see someone that is registered as one of them, the animatronic will try to apprehend a criminal.

But as usual the technology was not studied very well, and finally the machines malfunctioned. What other surprises the game has prepared for you? Have the pleasure to learn and explore Five Nights at Freddy’s 2!