The first game of the series Five Nights at Freddy’s was released in 2014. There the main character was a person who needed a job urgently and was employed to the Fazbear’s Pizza cafe as a watchman. The parts were being released and the storyline has changed the gameplay a little. By the time of the appearance of the fourth part, it became a little bit different.

The story is about a little boy this time. He lives with his older brother and has a number of his favorite toys that he calls his friends. But his brother loves to scare him sometimes and the obstacles where the boy finds himself are very strange from the first sight.

So the gamer needs to help this boy to avoid some terrible things he can prevent or miss. But that’s not that simple, in fact. The entire gameplay is divided into eight structural parts, which are mini-games. They tell us the plot itself and show the key episodes of the story. But there are the usual elements too – survival nighttime.

There we make acquaintance with the new format of animatronics.The boy suffers a terrible mental disorder, so his visions are extremely frightening. That’s why the animatronics became even more scary. Golden Freddy is far more shabby now, his hands appear to have long pointed clutches, and his face now has a toothy smile with two ranks of teeth.

And that’s not the only change. All the antagonists have such an appearance and that’s really scary. Another animatronic that appears for the first time in this part is Nightmare, who’s literally the embodiment of nightmares.

Have a pleasure to play your favourite game here and experience this particular gameplay, graphics and the storyline that FNAF 4 has.