If you’re not familiar with the series of FNAF, you’re probably either very old, or very young. But anyway, if you’re on this page, that means you’re ready to get acquainted with this cult-famous masterpiece.

To begin with, for the series everything began when the developer Scott Cawthon worked on another game for children. Then he was working on things that transferred Chistian values, which means they needed to be kind, soft and didactic.

However, Cawthon came to be with his release that was criticized for the graphics. Reviews were saying that movements of the characters are similar to those that animatronics make. And then he came up with the idea to intentionally make something scary.

Thus appeared the first part of Five Nights at Freddy’s. The author of the idea didn’t want to continue when he was making this product, but it went down like a bomb and he decided to go on. But who knew that this would turn out to be one of the most loved franchises all over the world?

The latest game in the series

And finally, here we are to introduce another part to you. FNAF: Security Breach is the 9th part in the series. By this time the world had seen games where the main character worked in Fazbear’s establishment as a watchman.

Or where the gamer used widely the possibility to choose between the numerous options in order to compose the gameplay according to his or her taste. Or even plunged into the atmosphere of the favourite universe with the virtual reality glasses. But what expects us this time?

Well, what’s well known for certain up till now is that the developers seem not to keep their deadlines. It was announced for the first time in august 2019. To be more precise, not announced, but there was a hint for this release from Scott Cawthon on his site. Further, in september 2020 the release was announced officially, but delayed to early 2021. And as we can see, early 2021 is gone and we’re still waiting.

Key points

The developers have said to release the product for PC and PlayStation 4, 5. They say this game to have only a single player, as the plot does not suppose to have even a couple of players at a time. Why? The storyline is presented from the point of view of a little boy who’s forced to find the escape somehow on his own, with no help or company.

This little boy is named Gregory and we can suggest he’s here as he has come here for a holiday. The great playday is happening at a Fazbear’s Pizza Plex, new animatronics are about to show themselves at this festivity and tons of enthusiasm are here in the air. This time everything should be alright…