When the author of the idea of Five Nights at Freddy’s worked on his project that had a kind animal as a main character, he never knew what this could cause. The idea of FNAF appeared accidently.

Scott Cawthon, who was a strong Christian, was a developer for the products which intended to transfer the common Christian values in simple form for children. Despite a great idea and intention, a huge part of success depends on the graphic art – purely visual element.

And this time Cawthon tried to release another product of this category, this element played a crucial role. The critics didn’t like that all the movements were similar to those that mechatronic puppets make.

Who are they?

Mechatronic puppets are robotic mechanical things that serve for entertainment. They can have the appearance of living creatures, of things or anything else. We can meet them in the real world in some entertainment complexes or cafes.

Thus, when the developer saw this review, the idea of intentional creation of something scary came very quickly to him. The place named Chuck E. Cheese’s, served as a prototype for Fazbear’s Pizzeria, as we can find there mechatronic puppets too. But FNAF animatronics are absolutely unique.

They are the main antagonists in the series, the main characters to interact with, they are not just numerous enemies, like many other survival horrors suggest – every single machine has his ‘life story’. They change. evaluate and modify depending on what’s the key event or state in the storyline.

That’s why since 2014, when the first part of Five Nights at Freddy’s was released, there are so many kinds of them now. Furthermore, each kind has a specific concept that helps to differentiate them one from another. Thus, if we take Fredbear as an example, there are Funtime Freddy, Nightmare version, Withered version, Toy version and many others. And these are only the main kinds!

Enormous variety

As there are many games released by now, there’s no surprise that not only the main concepts are embodied in the mechatronic puppets that have become loved and favourite already. For those who are fond of the diversity of choice, in the part Special Delivery there’s a possibility to choose even the skin of these antagonists.

The gamers can vary between 13 different skins that correspond to their taste. And if you have a look at them, they really have totally different appearance depending on the skin. It’s like if you were playing totally different games, but with the preferred characters.

So, if you want to step it up a notch – have a pleasure. So grab your chance and enjoy the combination of enormous variety and great storylines.