Help Wanted

The series of Five Nights at Freddy’s exists long enough now and it keeps being very popular. It’s the mark of particular quality these days, and in difference with the other games we can find nowadays, this one remains to be really varied from one part to another. The developers under the control of ScottGames bring much diversity to the gameplay and to the storylines as well.

FNAF Help Wanted is the part that is one of the most different among others. Let’s say that it was designed for virtual reality glasses initially, and only after being released this way, the adaptations for the other more habitual platforms were made. It’s cross-platform now, so even if you want to play on your Android device – you’re free to try. But let’s remember about the structure of the gameplay and the plot.

The gameplay is the mix of everything with everything. They’re using this approach of forming the gaming process not for the first time, but it’s not just repetition of what was presented already. The entire game consists of 50 minis, each one is inspired by one of the previous parts.

The gradation of the difficulty depends not on the decision of the player, but on the number of the mini. That is determined a lot by the plot. And the storyline is somehow integrated, if we can say so. We learn from the beginning that the Fazbear Entertainment Company suffers losses connected with numerous gossip about deaths and dismemberment of the staff, and other unpleasant rumours.

There begins the court process, and the heads of the company present their VR game to make customers believe that all these rumours are baseless. But as always, everything has gone wrong…