Killer in Purple

The world of Five Nights at Freddy’s has millions of fans. From the very appearance of this universe it gained much attention and even convinced its creator – Scott Cawthon – to refuse the idea to quit his developing occupation.

The game became fantastically popular in 2014 when the first release was seen around the world, and has made a great fan base. During seven years it was growing and in some particular moment, a great number of fan games based on the FNAF universe started to appear.

One of such fan products is Killer in Purple. The development of this release is made by the user under the nickname GoldenFreddyCinema. He has created a product with unique gameplay and graphics. You play here for the animatronics which are usually presented as the antagonists, and you can ‘kill as many children as you want’ – how Goldie writes in the description.

As for now there exist two parts available. The first one has more habitual graphics, the second part though has everything more boxy. Favourite and well-known characters become more and more unique with this design, and even more – this version has its fan base too.

The gamers are asking for the new updates, the comments on the YouTube channel are pretty kind and sympathetic, and the only thing lacking – is the version for Android. Both products were released on may 2021, but if the first part is complete, the second part is only in early access.

Well, what will be improved in further updates? Will the complete version of KiP 2 differ a lot, compared to what we have in early access? Will gamers love the final version and will the developer refuse the idea of making the game for Android devices? We’ll find out in the near future.