FNAF Security Breach

Sure, many of you have waited for the release of this game for a long time, and many are still waiting. And there’s no surprise – fans were very excited to know the 9th part of their favourite series is being prepared.

Particularly big the enthusiasm is after the success of the previous game which was made for VR glasses. What novelties expect us in Security Breach?

Well, this game meets us with the new entourage. Here the action happens in a great Fazbear’s Pizza Plex, that was provided with the latest technology of lightning and several new animatronics. ‘Starring’ animatronics are Fazbear himself, Chica, Monty and Roxana. We are also ready to see a couple of brand new antagonists – Moondrop and Sun.

Those are characters we can see in the FNAF trailer, but in fact, we don’t even know if they are antagonists for sure. Foxy from Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 will appear here too for a while, but more as a cameo. The entire action of the game is happening in the entourage of glam rock. Robots are designed according to all the rules of the style, but the atmosphere is not for nothing.

A huge concert is planned where animatronics will perform as a band, and a great crowd is going to gather in the entertainment complex.

But why do we call that Security Breach? The thing is that the evil has captured the person who could possibly know about it – the guard of this part, Vanessa. And now you can guess why they showed us Vanny from Help Wanted in announcements.

So the game will not allow us to play for the watchman this time. It’s gonna be a more innocent and helpless creature – a boy named Gregory. Will he manage to deal with these terrors on his own? Depends on if you will manage to deal with the game.