Sister Location

After the great success of the first part of the world-wide known franchise Five Nights at Freddy’s, Scott Cawthon has done his best to make it flourish. The fifth part, Sister Location, is one of the efforts to please the fanbase and to refresh the series in general.

As every previous game, this one has brought us new antagonists. One of them is Circus Baby which is presented in the teaser. But the main changes are not the new opponents to defend ourselves from. The game has changed the place of defence of the player and thus, the gameplay changed.

This part presents us with many possibilities of the horror quest gameplay. We need to move from one room to another and do some things that the AI gives us. Another problem is that the moving animatronics are not going anywhere, and moreover – the main character Mike needs to look after them, as he works as a nighttime technician for the company that rents these machines for children’s entertainment.

Besides these elements of gameplay, the plot in this part of FNAF becomes really tricky. We interact with the animatronics not only preventing them from getting somewhere, but communicating with them. And the extra challenge of the game is to not be naive. Here they will try to take advantage of you, but the player should not only make them fail in this intention, but to reveal many secrets too.

So what side will you finally choose? In what way will you protect yourself from the antagonists while walking around the storage building and doing things? What ending will you open finally? Don’t waste your time and try all this in your play right now!