Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator

Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator is the sixth part of the series. Chronologically it finishes the sequence of the storyline in the FNAF series. But in comparison with the other games of the main series – this one differs a lot by the idea of the plot.

Here we play as the owner of the pizza-cafe. We need to control all the income and outcome, ameliorate the place to get more money, use animatronics and always make a choice of what we think would be better for us and for our place. For example, there’s a thing with animatronics.

They are good for entertainment, thus they help to increase the stream of money, they help to make the reputation of the place better and have many other advantages to take into consideration. But as for their functioning, we know very well that they need to be in movement all the time, so at night, when the work hours are already finished, they continue working.

So the more animatronics you will use to make your place flourish, the more dangerous it will be. Generally, the entire gameplay is based on the need of choice, so you will find yourself in many situations like this. The only way to continue your game is to watch what will come out of your decisions.

In all the other aspects this game is pretty unusual too. For example, even the beginning. The first thing you see is the mini-game you need to pass before getting into the office. There you control Fredbear who gives pizza to children. You need to feed up all the children when the gameplay allows you to. Then it begins to lag and finally you pass to the normal FNAF mode.

To talk about how many modes this FNAF part has, there are three of them. The mode in the beginning where the player controls Fredbear, the second one when we play for Mike and where we need to do our best to complete and to promote the place, and the third – the most usual – when we need to defend ourselves from the animatronics.

Depending on how the gamer has passed all these modes there are seven different endings. Each one has its sense and can indicate the fails of the gamer that he made during the game.

So are you ready to take another FNAF challenge and meet your favourites like Scraptrap and miss Bonnie this time?