Ultimate Custom Night

After a great number of the games have been released by Scott Cawthon since 2014, when the first part of FNAF was released, many elements of the gameplay became boring for some players. That’s why as the seventh game in the series ScottGames have made Ultimate Custom Night.

The peculiarity of this part is that there’s no distinct storyline. It’s not characteristic for the entire series of Five Nights at Freddy’s, because usually the product has a great concept and a great plot that captivates the gamer’s attention no worse than the gameplay itself.

But, anyway, if the problem lies in the variety of the gameplay – the developers have made their best to solve that problem. And as simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, they have decided just to mix everything they had previously added to FNAF – and there’s finally a really good product.

But the thing is that every previous part is great. So if you just mix something great with something amazing, there will probably be something amazingly great.

So what particularly is mixed in Ultimate Custom Night? Literally everything. To begin with, there are all the 50 characters that appeared previously in the main 6 parts of FNAF. You can choose a number of them and enjoy the gameplay that is determined by their specific features.

The game depends a lot on the level of difficulty, and here you have an opportunity to grade from zero to twenty. And it makes a lot of difference! Finally, the location. It’s probably the most constant thing here. There is a watchman’s office, and there are six entrances that animatronics can use to penetrate there.

Those are two doors you can close manually or from your tablet, two vents controlled the same way and two tubes of air circuit. Among the last two entrances you can close only one, which means you need to watch out constantly during your play.

So what antagonists will you choose? What difficulty level will you adjust? And how will you deal with all those challenges animatronics will give you? Let’s see what your game will look like.