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If you’re not familiar with the series of game, you’re probably either very old, or very young. But anyway, if you’re on this page, that means you’re ready to get acquainted with this cult-famous masterpiece.

Five Nights at Freddy’s Game Online Free

Firstly, when you feel bored you try to find some distraction. What you find depends on your taste, but the most common entertainment these days is to play a game. As we are living in the digital era, now video games are predominant in the world of entertainment.

You can choose some unpretentious online thing, download an app of ‘time-killer’ category, or wait for developers to finish a great project with adorable graphics, heart-stirring storyline and particular features you can find solely in this gameplay. And FNAF is just like the last one.

A world known franchise

Five Nights at Freddy’s was the greatest example of a blessing in disguise. Once, the developer Scott Cawthon designed an animation transferring the Christian values for children. However, his work was not appreciated – the graphics were criticised for the similarity to the movements of animatronics.

It was a huge disadvantage having regard to the fact that the product was presented as kind, soft and didactic. The programmer, though, didn’t let himself be upset for long and decided to make a real horror game.

The universe

The entire concept of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria is based on reality. Places similar to Chuck E. Cheese’s became the prototype of the main location. Further, the element of mystery: if we can visit these places during the day and learn how it works, we can never know what’s happening at night, so the main character needs to survive in the dark..

And the peculiarity that’s made this game series totally unique: the only thing you’re interacting with are animatronics. Robotic creatures are no less mysterious for people than some deadly spirits, so why not unify them?


There are 11 parts of FNAF games in general, a number of books and a plan to shoot a film inspired by the series. FNaF Shop consists of multiple action figures, toys, clothes etc. And it’s natural for this popularity level to provoke the appearance of fan-works.

As the popularity of the original series has grown to the skies by the moment fans started to try their art-skills, the author of the original idea claimed to help in promotion and licensing of the fanbase’s products. Thus, FNAC (where The Puppet from FNAF is one of the main antagonists) and One Night at Flumpty’s appeared.

To sum up, whatever game of the series you’d like to play, on PC or any other platform, have no doubt – you’ll have much pleasure. Even if you’re pretty sensitive to jumpscares and other elements of the genre, the universe will captivate you for sure. Just try it by yourself!